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Why haven’t I heard yet???

By Ruth
September 17 2018

Posted in Student Resources

So, you’ve spent HOURS perfecting your CV, portfolio & cover letter, you’ve applied for job(s), and now….. radio silence!

How do I know if they received my application? Why haven’t I heard back? When will I hear from them?????

For candidates with few or no interviews scheduled, do not despair!!

Here are some things that are common in any job application process (not just ours!):

Here’s some things that are really important to know, specific to our summer internship recruitment programmes:

  • We will have more employers & jobs popping up over the next few weeks. Last year, we had 20+ roles filled AFTER offers day.
  • The recruitment & matching process for our 2018 summer internships will continue right up until 3 October (and beyond). 3 October is when offers open this year, so that’s the earliest you’ll be getting a job offer through our summer internship programmes.
  • Not all employers are participating in speed interviews
  • Not all employers are making visible shortlists on our website

(if they are making a visible shortlist, then you can see which roles you’re being considered for on your jobs page. Filter by “roles I’m being considered for”, here’s what it looks like:

  • If you have a completed profile, you are in the running for internships, until all roles are filled (they will disappear from the Jobs page when they’re filled).
  • You don’t have to apply for a role to be contacted by an employer, invited for an interview or offered a job on our system.
  • If they’re not participating in Speed Interviews, employers will run their own process.  They will be contacting candidates directly to arrange an interview, and it will probably be before Offers Day.
  • Finally, please also remember withdraw from our programmes immediately if you are no longer available for a summer internship. A live profile on our site means you’re available, so if your situations changes it is very important that you opt out so that employers don’t invest time in you as a candidate!

PLEASE hang in there, keep your confidence up, and be ready for a random connection to a potential Intern employer!

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