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Summer of Tech Interns

Considering hiring an intern to join your organisation this summer? We can help you find the perfect technology, ICT or design student to join your team.


Five reasons why you should use Summer of Tech:

  1. Grow your workforce the low-risk way: try before you buy
    The great news is – once on board, more than four out of five interns are retained by their employer.


  2. Handpick skilled interns from a talent pool of hundreds
    Use our powerful skills-based search to find an intern with the right skills, knowledge and attitude to match the needs of your organisation.


  3. Bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to your organisation
    Interns bring new skills and learning to the workplace and add to its vibrancy, diversity and culture.


  4. Make your organisation competitive
    Become THE place to work by showcasing exciting employment opportunities to students and graduates.


  5. Futureproof your industry
    Share in-depth knowledge and experience with the next generation of talent.

How Summer of Tech internships work

Summer of Tech Internships are full-time, paid, entry-level technology or design roles, that run from mid-November to mid-February.

Once you register to hire a Summer of Tech intern, you’ll have access to a database of thousands of university students and recent graduates with a huge variety of skills, including web & app development, digital design, user experience, software testing and many more.

This means you can handpick exactly the right person to join your team and hit the ground running.

Your chosen intern will work on real projects and help you to get to important work done. Like any new employee, you’ll need to make sure they have a dedicated manager, the equipment they need to do the job, and a supportive learning environment. You’ll also need to abide by a few basic industry guidelines.

If you’re interested in hiring an intern for an HR or marketing role, head over to our Summer of Biz page to find out more.

“Summer of Tech is a sensational programme. I strongly recommend it to all NZ Businesses. You will get smart, motivated and enthusiastic people to help with your workload, they will bring questions, innovation and you might find someone who would be awesome for your company long term. Give it a go!”Datacom

Ready to find the perfect Summer of Tech intern to join your workplace this summer? Register your details below and we’ll be in touch to get the ball rolling. 



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How we can help

Our job is to support you, and our internship candidates, through the recruitment process and to make sure you have the skills and information you need to make the internship a success.

Key dates

SoT Summer Internships line up with New Zealand uni holidays. These dates will help you understand which part of the process we currently are in, and what's coming next.


Employer registrations open.

Complete your organisation profile, post internship roles, and search SoT student profiles


Recruitment events: Meet & Greet and Speed Interviews to narrow down your shortlist.

Your chance to meet SoT students in real life, for informal networking and speed interviews.


Offers: all SoT Internship offers are released on the same day, to ensure it's a fair market for top talent.

Make sure your shortlist is finalised and you have offers ready to send to your top candidates.


Internships start: most students are available from mid November to mid February.

Internships are full time, usually 400 hours during the summer break. Dates are flexible, to be agreed between you and your intern.


Internships finish: if students are returning to study, they'll need to get ready for the academic year in March.

Many interns are retained into full-time or part-time roles after their internships.

Have some questions?

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